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  • Frequent Flyer Medical Points or How I Spent my Morning
    Here we go again. Second time in 8 days I’m at the Hospital, this time, waiting for another MRI. I wonder if I can ask for a punch card. Get 5 holes punched and win a free spa weekend. Seriously, the procedures aren’t horrible and the folks are pleasant but this every week a new …

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  • Needles, rewards and Parking Lot Anesthesia
    Remember when your mama would take you to get ice cream or some other treat after a trip to the Doctor? Well, I’m a grownup now and I’ve been to so many doctors and had so many test procedures the past couple of years that I would always just be glad to get home and …

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  • You’re just getting old ( not if I can help it)
    As I contemplate what I was doing on this date 48 years ago, I realize that at 25 my life was just starting. Due to the fact that the stubborn little babe I carried refused to turn around and present head first, I was in the hospital awaiting a scheduled c-section. BTW he is still …

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