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  • Blast from the past
    Every once in a while past endeavors come back to haunt us. Usually they are things we choose not to remember. But occasionally the memories can be not only pleasant but absolutely joyous. Today’s email brought me that joy. For all of the 80’s and early 90’s I made handcrafted artisan miniatures and travelled to …

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  • Hendricks House
    http://www.graysoncofrontiervillage.us The Hendricks House, built in about 1863 on land given Jesse Elvis Hendricks by his father John, was built near the Shannon church northeast of Sherman. It originally was a one-room cabin with a loft, but Hendricks and his wife, Susan, added several rooms making it two stories in about 1870. The original cabin …

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  • Thompson House
    Judge James Thompson was appointed the first Chief Justice of Grayson County and was the first Postmaster at Preston. His home was moved to the village in 1990. Son of Jesse & Anna (McDonald) Thompson. Before he was seven years old his family moved to Cherokee County on the Tennessee River in what is now …

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