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  • Sherman, Texas Devastated by Tornado, 1896
    Heaven’s Promise-The Final Twist…..excerpt page 130. May 15, 1896 Black Friday in Sherman, TX…..f5 tornado hits. The steel girders of the bridge were twisted and thrown deep into the creek bed. Trees were stripped of their leaves and some were uprooted and lying every which way. Bodies, clothing, and household goods were scattered everywhere, all …

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  • Watt Meets Lt. John
    Camped atop a green mountain near Buffalo Springs on a cold Sunday morning in January, 1864, Watt took a few moments to read his bible. A particular passage seemed appropriate so he commenced to read aloud. A small group formed around him as he read Ephesians 6:10-16: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, …

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  • Family History comes to Life
    William Morton Savage William Morton Savage was born in 1891 and shows on no census. The only accountings we have of him are a few photos, newspaper clippings and his Tombstone. I first heard Uncle Bill’s story as a very small girl. My grandmother Jessie Savage Ownby would tell me stories and her eyes would …

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