Rita Ownby Holcomb Author

Bringing my ancestors to life.

The Cold Springs School building may be as old as the 1850s. The school was located between Pottsboro and Denison, the first in the area, before those towns ever existed! It is now at the Frontier Village.
This school is about to collapse SOON if money is not raised NOW to save it according to an engineer who examined it. There is donated antique wood for the repair, but it needs much more. Will someone in Grayson County or the surrounding area get together to raise this money? It needs $25,000 to save it. Once it is gone, a treasure will have been lost forever.
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1977 – Earliest School – Cold Springs School on William Steele Reeves property.
“Pioneers, who were camped near a spring on property of William S. Reeves (1794-1879) while waiting for their land grants, built this one-room schoolhouse about 1855. The leader of the group was William L. Holder (1820-1876), who migrated to Grayson County from Missouri. His son Clinton L. (1845-1897) later used the cabin as a residence. In 1974 the structure was moved to the Old Settlers Village and restored.”

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