Rita Ownby Holcomb Author

Bringing my ancestors to life.

Good news to know there is a sequel coming. “Innocence Lost” has something for every reader. It is bold in it’s portrayal of life in pre and post Civil War history. The author has managed to tackle vital moral issues that are still with us to this day. It is not a fluff romance novel. It is so much more than that in so many ways, as the reader follows an innocent young girl from Arkansas who is faced with having to face many moral dilemmas with strength and grace as she navigates through being thrust into big city life in St Louis, Missouri without the family she cherished back home. She manages to embrace a very different kind of family life with compassion and strength. She proves that love of God and love of humanity prevails. Thank you, Rita for your courage and please don’t stop writing.We readers need you now more than ever.

📚📕The Legend of Henrietta Clay is a New series by Rita Ownby Holcomb📕📚

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