Rita Ownby Holcomb Author

Bringing my ancestors to life.

Heaven’s Promise-The Final Twist…..excerpt page 130. May 15, 1896 Black Friday in Sherman, TX…..f5 tornado hits.

The steel girders of the bridge were twisted and thrown deep into the creek bed. Trees were stripped of their leaves and some were uprooted and lying every which way. Bodies, clothing, and household goods were scattered everywhere, all water-soaked and coated in mud.

Watt had not seen this type of devastation since he left the battlefield.

This scene was different. Instead of blue and gray clad soldiers, they saw brightly dressed women and children.

Ed spotted a bit of bright cloth high in a tree top. He sent Dave to climb and retrieve it, thinking it might be a little girl’s doll.

Dave descended the tree with tears in his eyes as he silently handed the bundle of fabric to his uncle, turned away, and vomited in the mud.

Ed looked at the wad of wet fabric in his arms and saw, not a doll, but a little girl. There was a pink ribbon tied in a neat bow around her bright blonde curls and one shoe was missing, but her stocking was intact. Her face had been obliterated by the wind and flying sand. Every bone in her tiny body had been shattered.

Watt stepped up to his brother, who seemed to be frozen in place, and gently took the child and laid her in the wagon alongside the other bodies.

“Tell me, big brother, how that meets God’s plans?” Ed said bitterly.

“I wish I could, Ed. But I don’t have an answer for you. Perhaps it is to remind us how fragile our bodies are and to remind us to value each other for the limited time we have in our earthly bodies.”

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