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Since today is supposed to be another scorcher I decided to stay indoors. So today is the day I take down all of our wall decorations and clean them.

I know this is something most visitors don’t notice, but it’s always been important to me.

Doesn’t sound like a major issue does it? It didn’t used to be but I’m embarrassed to say it’s been a year since it was done last and it took me 3 times as long to get them cleaned and I would not have even attempted it if Darrell hadn’t gotten the larger ones off the wall and rehung them for me.

It just kills me that it takes 3 hrs for a 1 hour job but at least I feel like tackling the job.

Don’t know how long this motivation will last but gonna ride the wave.

One thought on “Too hot for yard work

  1. Sylvia says:

    It is a big chore to me. I have had back issues and hypothyroid for years and now have COPD too so I only do that when my energy level and back allows me to. I used to pride myself on being making sure my house was top notch clean but that had to become less of a priority. Have you heard of the spoon theory? It explains how and why we adjust to our limits. I will send it to you


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