Rita Ownby Holcomb Author

Bringing my ancestors to life.

Here we go again. Second time in 8 days I’m at the Hospital, this time, waiting for another MRI. I wonder if I can ask for a punch card. Get 5 holes punched and win a free spa weekend.

Seriously, the procedures aren’t horrible and the folks are pleasant but this every week a new test thing is getting old. It interferes with my goofing off time. And depletes my, already limited, energy supply.

I must admit this trip was relatively quick and easy. I had a 9:30 appointment and was home by 10:25. Can’t complain about that. The Tech in radiology was super pleasant and even took a photo to help document the moment.

Once again. I’m trying hard to be positive and see any bit of humor in the situation. If this will give answers it’s worth the inconvenience. And I did ask for that frequent flyer card and she laughed hard and offered me popcorn.

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