Rita Ownby Holcomb Author

Bringing my ancestors to life.

The boys climbed over the rail fence and Jim threw a rope in his best cowboy fashion and lassoed the hog. They tightened the rope around his neck and led him to the trees. Thinking he was to be fed, the hog stood patiently.

Eli walked up and, bowing his head, quietly said, “Thank you, Lord, for this bounty we are about to receive.”

(Excerpt from A Twist of Tobacco)

We went there looking for the gravesite of Anderson Lafayette Taylor Jr who died in Chattanooga December 1, 1862.

We were unable to locate a marker for my great uncle but saw many tributes to his fallen Confederate brothers. Including Old Douglas the camel.

I advise you, if you go there, don’t do what we did and drive around the cemetery ten times. Instead, go ahead and park in the student only parking garage adjacent to the cemetery.

Eli’s 3 oldest sons were fighting in the the civil war when his wife died from complications of childbirth. He was taken by enemy forces and his 11 yr old daughter was left to protect her younger siblings. Read this fascinating truth based story, in A Twist of Tobacco.


The Cold Springs School building may be as old as the 1850s. The school was located between Pottsboro and Denison, the first in the area, before those towns ever existed! It is now at the Frontier Village.
This school is about to collapse SOON if money is not raised NOW to save it according to an engineer who examined it. There is donated antique wood for the repair, but it needs much more. Will someone in Grayson County or the surrounding area get together to raise this money? It needs $25,000 to save it. Once it is gone, a treasure will have been lost forever.
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1977 – Earliest School – Cold Springs School on William Steele Reeves property.
“Pioneers, who were camped near a spring on property of William S. Reeves (1794-1879) while waiting for their land grants, built this one-room schoolhouse about 1855. The leader of the group was William L. Holder (1820-1876), who migrated to Grayson County from Missouri. His son Clinton L. (1845-1897) later used the cabin as a residence. In 1974 the structure was moved to the Old Settlers Village and restored.”

Warm up those chilly winter nights with love, lust and vengence.

Preachers have said that Hell is fire and brimstone but for Sioux Sampsel, Hell is a frozen empty void deep within her soul. Afraid of nothing, when her security is threatened she will lie, cheat, steal or physically attack to appease the demon within.. Her life was a succession of men, babies, drugs and alcohol until she met Tice McCoy.

Like a Celtic Wood Sprite, Maura Bangor visits in the dark of night to work her magic. Pregnant with a child of undetermined paternity and near panic, she spots a tall shadow, across the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly “Whoa,” she thinks, “my prayers have just been answered”, and she sets her sights on Tice McCoy.

Touched by angels and destined to live a golden existence Catherine Brown spent her early years reining in a horse or reigning as Prom Queen. After she married Marvin Brown they built the M Bar C. But when Marvin died she realized that there had always been something missing; the unexpected passion she felt when she met Tice McCoy.

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All Justice McCoy wanted was a home and family; happy children and a woman who shared his vision of a good life. Five times Tice has tried and now, five states and five failed marriages later, Tice found himself fifty-one years old and stuck in Nowhere, Texas.

Another Great read from Author Rita Holcomb! She has a great easy style to her writing.

I finished The trilogy last night! I’m amazed, and in awe of your work. I guess, more than anything else, I’m so thankful that you devoted a good portion of your life to bring the story of this family out for all to enjoy! Thank you so, for being who you are, and being so inspired, to put into writing, this marvelous southern, and American, story. God has blessed all of us with your talent, and dedication, to this saga.

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