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A Twist of Tobacco

Eli’s three oldest sons were fighting in the civil war. His wife died from complications of childbirth. When he was taken by enemy forces his eleven-year-old daughter was left to protect her younger siblings. Read this fascinating truth-based story in A Twist of Tobacco.


A Vow Unbroken

From the fires of Hell, a Phoenix rises when Eli’s sons return from the war. Battle scarred and prison weary, they find their mother dead; their father despondent; the farm in ruins and the children emaciated from hunger. Read their fascinating truth-based story in A Vow Unbroken.


Heaven’s Promise

The Civil War left Eli’s beloved Tennessee war ravaged. Starving and without hope he began envision a new “promised land.” After years of planning and numerous journeys, his family settled in Texas. Would this new homeland fulfill his hopes or would it prove to be another broken dream? Read the conclusion of the A Twist of Tobacco series in Heaven’s Promise.


A Twist of Tobacco Trilogy

Purchase all three books and save.


Tennessee to Texas

Saints and Sinners! Scoundrels and Scallywags! Discover who was real and who was fictional in the A Twist of Tobacco series. Explore the history and genealogy of six American Colonial families. Containing more than 300 images Tennessee to Texas encompasses more than 350 years of history.


Justice Unbalanced

Tice McCoy carries within him the heart of a true cowboy – vulnerable, devoted, and trusting to a fault. The ruggedly handsome Tice has lived a lifetime going from one broken relationship to another. After a string of failed marriages, he meets Sioux Sampsel, an intoxicating beauty, a woman Tice is certain shares his same vision of a happily ever after love. When this relationship also fails, Tice finds himself alone once again. To offset his loneliness, he embarks on a spiral of unhealthy hookups that leave him lonelier than ever. Fate would take him away from this world of empty liaisons and lead him into the arms of the beautiful Catherine “Cat” Brown, a feisty ranch owner. Will Cat show Tice that true love really exists?


Innocence Lost

At fifteen, innocent dreamer, Henrietta Clay was beguiled by a narcissistic opportunist who promised her escape from tiny Hogeye, Arkansas and thrust her into the underbelly of war-torn St. Louis. Fate intervened and gave her two unexpected gifts…a child and an inheritance – a brothel.


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